Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference

Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference is an association of select institutions of higher education dedicated to the sponsorship of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III intercollegiate athletic competition in a variety of sports. Member institutions subscribe to shared values and evidence commitments to academic excellence, equal opportunity, sportsmanship and fair play. Together we seek to create a competitive environment where the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of each student-athlete is prized and where the common good of our institutions is advanced.


Statement of Core Values

As members of the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference, we affirm our commitment to the following principles:

  • We affirm the primacy of the academic missions of our member institutions and consequently support clear eligibility and satisfactory academic progress standards for our student-athletes.
  • We commit ourselves to respecting the academic and religious uniqueness of each institution in all matters pertaining to the Conference.
  • We place high priority on the integration of our respective intercollegiate athletic programs into the lives of our educational communities.
  • We commit our Conference and our institutions to the highest standards of equity, sportsmanship and fair play in the spirit of NCAA Division III athletics and pledge ourselves to promoting tolerance and respect in all of our activities.
  • We affirm our willingness to support and enforce NCAA alcohol and drug abuse policies.
  • We affirm our intent to honor the student financial aid provisions governed by NCAA Division III regulations and to be accountable to each other for institutional and Conference-wide adherence.
  • We support our student-athletes in their efforts to attain excellence by providing all teams with appropriate coaching, medical coverage, facilities, equipment and competitive opportunities.
  • We pledge ourselves to working collaboratively to enhance the quality of our student-athletes' experiences.